Carrie’s fascination with the human body began at an early age. Despite science being one of the areas she struggled in school, human biology came naturally. She enjoyed studying anatomy and learning about the diseases and disorders that afflict humans. It made sense to pursue a career in the medical field. In 2006, she graduated with high honors from Professional Careers Institute with a degree in Medical Assisting. She went on to work in an occupational health center, and later a women’s cancer treatment center. Quickly realizing that her chosen career was involved far paperwork than patient interaction, she knew a career change was necessary. After dipping her toes into body modification, she realized a career as a body piercer was the perfect shift.
While never completing a formal apprenticeship, Carrie traveled extensively and learned from multiple artists located all over the country. Learning a wide variety of techniques from various artists allowed her to experiment with proven techniques and develop her own skills quickly.
Carrie has been piercing for 15 years, utilizing the knowledge learned through her formal education along with her training and experience as a piercer. While proficient in all types of piercings from basic to advanced, she specializes in genitalia. Early in her career, she noticed that many piercers never seemed to understand the impact that genitalia piercings can have on a person’s sexuality. Confidence, pleasure, and function can all be enhanced, or hindered, by piercings. Carrie understands that piercings shouldn’t just look good, they should feel good, too.
In her spare time, Carrie enjoys spending time with her family and spoiling her granddaughter. She loves to cook, channeling her creativity into food. She considers herself a feminist and participates in various forms of activism regularly.

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