Sean will have to come in and make his own bio, but for now I will try to summarize what I can remember.  Sean has always had a love for art, even as a young boy.  He would spend hours drawing on his arms.  One day he made an amazing discovery: He could "tattoo" himself with a needle and a Bic pen, and after a few days, the tattoo would fade away.  At the age of 13, he made the mistake of using Indian ink rather than a Bic pen, and inadvertantly gave himself his first permanent tattoo, which is still visible to remind himself where he started.  At the age of 15, he began tattooing his friends.  Word got around, and a few guys from a local studio paid him a visit, all along not realizing a kid was doing these tattoos.  An agreement was made, and Sean could work in the studio as long as he stayed in school.  At the age of 18, he bought out the tattoo studio and renamed it Dark Son Tattoo.  The next year, he traveled to Weisbaden, Germany to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship with Monique, ranked 7th in the world at the time.  After 3 years of study, Sean returned home to join his fellow artists in his new studio.  In 1998, new regulations changed zoning along tourist routes in Panama City, and Sean was forced to close down his studio.  Needing a change, Sean moved to Indiana, then Illinois, and joined a company that built cell phone towers.  He still tattooed on the weekends, but the loss of his studio kept him from pouring his heart into art again.  In 2006, he returned to Lafayette and worked in a few local studios.  In 2007, he and his wife, Carrie, opened DragonsBane Tattoo, and the rest is history!

     Sean specializes in graphic comic book art, biomechanics, and cover-ups.  Have an old piece you're ashamed to show?  You're looking in the right place!  He particularly enjoys anything colorful, although he's very capable with black and gray as well.  If you really want to make his day, ask for anything dark and evil (and colorful)!

     Sean's interests include guns, cars, video games, music, guns, aliens, and tattoos (duh).  Did I mention guns?  In his spare time, he likes playing video games, hanging out with friends, and talking about, shooting, admiring, buying, selling, and trading guns.