Carrie became fascinated with the human body during high school biology class.  Learning how the body works and why it does certain things became a subject of great interest.  In 2003 she received her first tattoo, and decided she wanted more!  Within a few years she had 5.  In 2005, she received her first body piercings, jumping in with both feet by getting 3 at once!  In 2006, she decided to pursue her interest in human biology and go back to school to become a certified medical assistant.  Her studies included detailed human anatomy, aseptic procedures, specifically proper disinfection and sterilization after contamination with human body fluids, phlebotomy, pharmaceuticals, and medical conditions and diseases.  To graduate, she was required to complete an eight week externship in two different medical centers, where she received hands on experience with blood draws, chemotherapy administation, removal of stitches/staples after surgery, and assisting with doctor exams.  During these last eight weeks, she realized that although she loved the clinical aspect of a doctor's office, the administrative side bored her to tears.  She knew that if she pursued that career path she would quickly get burned out.  During school she had met Sean and learned of his interest in opening his own tattoo shop.  When she realized that the medical field was not for her after all, she thought a career in body modification could be perfect for her.  She asked Sean to teach her how to pierce.  He taught her the basics, and she spent the next year learning everything she could from various artists around the United States.  She is grateful for the opportunity to learn from multiple artists rather than one as it has shown her many techniques from different perspectives.  In 2007, Carrie and Sean decided to combine their skills and open DragonsBane.

     Carrie is proficient in all areas of body piercing from simple earlobes to surface piercings, but she specializes in female genitalia.  She understands that different piercings serve different purposes, and each woman has different goals with their piercing.  It is her goal to help women choose the piercing best suited for their anatomy and their goals, and help make the entire experience as pleasant as it can be.  She also enjoys doing custom piercings when anatomy is not suited for the traditional placement.  If you have been told you cannot receive a piercing due to anatomy, come see Carrie.  If she cannot safely give you the piercing you want, she will make suggestions for other piercings based on what would suit your anatomy.

     Her interests include video games, suspense novels, game shows, crime TV shows, cooking, music, and euchre.  In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family, play video games, read, and throw elaborate cook-outs where she always makes way too much food.