We have recently moved, and are still in the process of building and decorating.  Our new studio is bigger and better, but still has all of the same features of the old location!  We will have pictures soon!

Our piercing room offers plenty of privacy for those who wish to keep the experience personal.

We use a Pelton & Crane Validator 8 to sterilize our supplies.  Our autoclave runs at 273°F and 28 psi for a minimum of 30 minutes each cycle.  This combination of heat, steam, and pressure destroys any microorganisms that survived the first step of cleaning.  To ensure our autoclave is sterilizing properly, we run a spore test once a month.  In this test, we cycle a packet of bacterial spores through our autoclave, then send the packet to an independent lab to be incubated over a 24 hour period.  When there is no growth, the package has been completely sterilized and the autoclave is functioning properly. 


We stock a large variety of body jewelry in a wide range of sizes.  Much of our jewelry can be customized to fit most people.  We carry tongue barbells, navel dangles, eyebrow curves, lip studs, ear cuffs, ear studs, industrial bars, nipple jewelry, non-metal retainers in many styles and sizes, large gauge rings and barbells, and a limited variety of tunnels up to 1".  We also carry basic surgical steel jewelry in a multitude of sizes.  If you are looking for something specific and we do not have it in stock, we will gladly place a custom order for you.